Creative imbalance. Create balance.

Too many of us live in a state of Creative Hypocapnia — that physical state where O2 and CO2 are out of balance because of hyperventilation. Creatively, it occurs when we’ve taken in too much inspiration and have not done what is natural to us — create in response. We’ve over-breathed, we’re over-inspired. Responding to inspiration with admiration is natural. For us, responding to inspiration with creation is imperative. When breathing, our lungs force us to exhale, but we must choose to exhale creatively.

With the fire hydrant of information that we have access to, it’s almost impossible not to be in creative imbalance. We’re surrounded by stimulus, connected to digital archives of every piece of art recorded; an endless stream of inspiration at our fingertips. But in choosing to endlessly connect we never push ourselves into the uncomfortable place of having to create. Creating for the sake of creation — creating in response. We choose the easy route — to seek inspiration and catch the latest round of award-winning work when those people are choosing to exhale, to create.

The best piece of advice I’ve received about building a regular meditation practice is to take one mindful breath daily. One breath. The same can be said for your creative life; surely inhale, seek out inspiration, but you also must exhale. Not daily, but weekly? Monthly? Breathe out and strengthen your creative diaphragm. Over time you’ll bring your creative input, and creative output into balance.