Tl;dr I’m a writing-obsessed, strategy-minded, creative.


Writer - I'm a pencil pusher. 

Learner - Dying begins when you stop learning.

Idealist - I believe the best about advertising, stories, and people.

I graduated with a degree in Public Relations. After working as a PR director for a wonderful chef I decided I'd like to push myself creatively. So I did what anyone would do–I quit my PR job and moved to Paris with the idea of learning more about the world and more about advertising–that capitalist art form that I now love. 

No, seriously. It's a longer story but suffice it to say I've studied up on advertising, learned a ton about life, grabbed a bit of refresh, several bits of baguette. I'm now in New York–after a work experience programme in London with adam&eve DDB–looking for a place to earn my stripes.  

Why advertising? I'm not sure what finally got me, but I'm there. Head over heels giddy. I love problem solving, humanity, ideating, watching ads, and the creative process. Plus, most industry people I've met are pretty great. If you're great, I'm looking for an agency to join.

Shall we?


En plus: I favor a G2 0.5, or QWERTY. I speak french, make classic cocktails, love British humor, play music, listen to music while working, grew up on an island, love the sea. I ride steel frames, eschew sunglasses, love art, never miss breakfast, and I listen to podcasts on 1.5x speed.