Making is essential to me because it lets me flex my problem-solving muscles in ways that have real cost and reward attached to them. I find that I’m more empathetic to someone else’s creation if I have my own recent experiences to relate to.

I created, and produce, Daily Crypto Report. It's a news briefing for the blockchain and crypto space. I started it in the fall of 2017 to keep my dad informed about blockchain/crypto.

Then, I realised while I was solving a problem for my dad and myself, I had an opportunity to share it with others who wanted the same thing.

Crypto markets run 24/7/365, worldwide—so keeping up with the news on what’s driving price and the future of the market is a lot. To solve that issue, and continue to promote the industry, I wanted to create a daily audio briefing that is sub 3 minutes, and easily digestible. We launched in September after creating everything in-house.

Making is a process of bringing an idea to life and being willing to constantly edit, adjust and evolve.