Timing is Everything


Concept: Yorkshire Tea is the third most popular tea brand in the UK. They communicate accessibility but also tea brewed properly.

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Pruned Fingers / Yorkshire Tea
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#SingToYourTea: Using a national song as a timing device for tea brewing.

In an effort to make the three minutes pass quickly for our brewers, Yorkshire Tea will include the lyrics to "God Save The Queen" and encourage customers to sing to their tea.  

For prolonged integration, a contest will run and the winner - best acapella vocals - will be featured in a Yorkshire Tea commercial. Contest submissions will be handled on social media.


For those less inclined to sing whilst the tea steeps Yorkshire Tea will curate a YouTube playlist of 3 minute comedy bits and a playlist with songs that are approximately 3 minutes. The music playlists will be based on time of day, moods and a special playlist with bands exclusively from Yorkshire.

Concept/Copy - Couper | Creative direction - Olivia Cho Lund | Art Direction - Lindsay Cox | Posted 11/2016