I Run This City


Concept: Everyday athletes create the iconic Nike Swoosh with GPS activated devices/apps. Competition ensues  

Strava GPS mapping

Strava GPS mapping

Strava GPS mapping with elevation/distance data

Strava GPS mapping with elevation/distance data

This is a Social media and OOH campaign designed to involve and inspire the passionate Nike fan base and to get customers outside and exercising.

Users who log a certain number of swooshes receive in-store promotions/coupons. Bonus points for size, accuracy, imagination, difficulty. (Sailing patterns in the sea, swooshing during a basketball game, hiking, aerial swooshes, etc.) Easter eggs add fun and keep base engaged (wandering way off target, running backwards, special days, age, etc.)

Competitions on registered official Nike City Swooshes run in a king of the hill style for overall speed, number of completions, take place on the Nike Running app and on Strava.

Strava Cycle Denver Swoosh

To push this initiative, Nike will enable geofilters over official swoosh routes. This will be the first use of logo shaped Geofiltering within the platform (apart from the ghost?). Using the tools Snapchat has provided will allow customer interaction with Nike while the logo in augmented reality further heightens brand awareness.

A simple framing filter is used to give fans the freedom to take photos as usual and only activated when inside the logo-shaped geofilter

The OOH component takes place at Niketown. Fans who use the filter will appear briefly in the screen beside the map. The geofilter users will be encouraged to visit Niketown to see if they appear on the installation


Concept/Copy - Couper | Creative direction - Glen Condie | Art Direction - Lindsay Cox | Posted 10/2016